This is by no means ALL of Connie's Albums.  These are mainly MGM USA releases, and also includes albums which were not released.

1958 Who's Sorry Now? E 3686 MGM
1959 The Exciting Connie Francis E/SE-3761 MGM
1959 My Thanks To You E/SE-3776 MGM
1959 Connie Francis Sings Italian Favorites E/SE-3791 MGM
1959 Christmas In My Heart E/SE-3792 MGM
1959 Connie's Greatest Hits E-3793 MGM
1959 Sings Rock 'n' Roll Million Sellers E/SE-3794  MGM
1959 Sings Country and Western Golden Hits E/SE-3795 MGM
1960 One For The Boys (UNRELEASED) E/SE-3815 MGM
1960 Sings Spanish and Latin American Favorites E/SE-3853 MGM
1960 Sings Jewish Favorites E/SE-3869 MGM
1960 Sings More Italian Favorites E/SE-3871 MGM
1961 Songs To A Swingin' Band E/SE-3893 MGM
1961 Connie At The Copa (Recorded Live at the Copacabana in New York City E/SE-3913 MGM
1961 More Greatest Hits E/SE-3942 MGM
1961 Sings Irish Favorites (UNRELEASED-Released as MGM E/SE-4013) E/SE-3964 MGM
1961 Sings "Never On Sunday" and Other Title Songs From Motion Pictures E/SE-3965 MGM
1961 French (UNRELEASED) E/SE-3966 MGM
1961 Sings Folk Song Favorites E/SE-3969 MGM
1961 Sings American Waltz Favorites (UNRELEASED-Released as E/SE-4145) E/SE-3998 MGM
1962 Sings Irish Favorites E/SE-4013 MGM
1962 Do The Twist With Connie Francis E/SE-4022 MGM
1962 Sings Fun Songs for Children (Re-issue of Lion L-70126) E-4023  MGM
1962 Christmas Is For Children (UNRELEASED) E/SE-4047 MGM
1962 Sings Award Winning Motion Picture Hits E/SE-4048 MGM
1962 Connie Francis Sings (Second Hand Love) E/SE-4049 MGM
1962 Country Music Connie Style E/SE-4079 MGM
1962 Sings Modern Italian Hits E/SE-4102 MGM
1963 Follow The Boys (Soundtrack) E/SE-4123 MGM
1963 Sings German Favorites E/SE-4124 MGM
1963 Instrumentally (UNRELEASED) E/SE-4133 MGM
1963 Greatest American Waltzes E/SE-4145 MGM
1963 Mala Femmina and Connie's Big Hits From Italy E/SE-4161 MGM
1963 The Very Best of Connie Francis E/SE-4167 MGM
1964 In The Summer of His Years (Tribute album to President John F. Kennedy) E/SE-4210 MGM
1964 Looking For Love (Soundtrack) E/SE-4229 MGM
1964 Connie Francis & Hankd Williams, Jr. Sing Great Country Favorites E/SE-4251 MGM
1964 A New Kind of Connie E/SE-4253 MGM
1965 Connie Francis Sings For Mama E/SE-4294 MGM
1965 Sings All Time International Favorites E/SE-4298 MGM
1965 The Connie Francis Christmas Album (UNRELEASED) E/SE-4327 MGM
1965 When The Boys Meet The Girls (Soundtrack) E/SE-4334 MGM
1966 Jealous Heart E/SE-4355 MGM
1966 Movie Greats of the 60's E/SE-4382 MGM
1966 Connie's Christmas (Re-release of E-3792 in 1959) E/SE-4399 MGM
1966 Connie Francis Live At The Sahara In Las Vegas E/SE-4411 MGM
1966 Connie Francis and The Kids Next Door (UNRELEASED) Issued as King Leo LE/LES-903 E/SE-4412 MGM
1967 Love Italian Style E/SE-4448 MGM
1967 Happiness - Connie Francis On Broadway Today E/SE-4472 MGM
1967 Grandes Excitos del Cine de los Anos 60 E/SE-4474 MGM
1967 My Heart Cries For You E/SE-4487 MGM
1968 Hawaii Connie E/SE-4522 MGM
1968 Connie and Clyde - Hit Songs of the 30's E/SE-4573 MGM
1969 Connie Francis Sings Burt Bacharach and Hal David E/SE-4585 MGM
1969 The Wedding Cake SE-4637 MGM
1969 Connie Francis Sings The Songs of Les Reed SE-4655 MGM
1980 I'm Me Again MG-1-5406 MGM
1982 Connie's Greatest Hits MGB-1-5410  MGM
1982 Connie's Greatest Jewish Hits (UNRELEASED) MGB-5411 MGM
1982 Connie's Greatest Italian Hits MGB-5412 MGM
1970 Golden Archive Series (MGM Golden Archive Series Label) GAS-109 MGM
UNK The Connie Francis Story (5 LP Set) (MGM Premium Label) PM-28-5 MGM
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