Awards received by Connie Francis

"If I never sing another song..."

Following are just some of the awards bestowed upon our "Incomparable Connie Francis":

Mental Health America 2013 "Woman of the Year"
April 17, 2013

1964Golden Globe Award
International Contribution to the Recording World

In this business that we call "show," there are certain words and phrases that are used with a great deal of frequency.  For example: "sweetheart"as in a "sweetheart of a deal,"you'll love it," " above the titles and below the lines,"  "Have I ever lied to you before?"  And of course, "Trust me," and then there's the declension of the verb "to owe"as in "he owes her one,"  "you owe me one," "we owe them one," "they owe us one,"  "I don't owe you anything."  But of course, that last one you can't use until after you've paid your dues.  But there are also words we use with less frequency, words like "courage", "guts",  "perseverance",  "talent",  "comeback".  We have with us tonight someone who is all those very rare words.  Ladies and gentlemen:
Connie Francis......

-Robert Preston speaking at the Golden Globe Awards, 1981

Gold Record-Who's Sorry Now
Gold Record
"Who's Sorry Now?"
Million Seller
Automatic Music Industry of America-Best Female Vocalist 1958 Automatic Music Industry of America
"Best Female Vocalist
Billboard Award-Disc Jockey Poll-Most Promising Female Vocalist 1958
The Billboard Award
Disc Jockey Poll
"Most Promising Female Vocalist 1958"
Dick Clark's 1958 Poll-Most Popular Female Vocalist
Dick Clark's 1958 Poll
"Most Popular Female Vocalist"
Music Operators of America trophy-Best Female Vocalist 1959
Music Operators of America trophy
"Best Female Vocalist
Seton Hall University Centennial Medal Seton Hall University
Centennial Medal
Cash Box Award-Disc Jockey Poll-Most Promising Female Vocalist 1958
The Cash Box Award
Disc Jockey Poll
"Most Promising Female Vocalist 1958"
American Heart Fund-Queen of Hearts 1959 American Heart Fund
"Queen of Hearts 1959"
Association of Record Dealers-Best Vocalist 1959 Association of Record Dealers
"Best Vocalist 1959"
Jukebox Operators Award-Best Female Vocalist 1958
Jukebox Operators
"Best Female Vocalist 1958"
WPTR Tower of Talent, Albany-Queen of Song 1958 & 1959
WPTR Tower of Talent, Albany
Queen of Song 1958 and 1959
New Musical Express-World's Most Popular Female Vocalist 1959
New Musical Express
"World's Most Popular Female Vocalist 1959"

Other Awards received by Connie!

Miami, Florida, March 28, 1998

To Connie Francis “For her outstanding contribution in the field of entertainment and for reaching to hearts of generations of music lovers the world over.”

May 20, 2004
American Diabetes Association - Valor Award
June 6, 2011

Friars Foundation Presents the Applause Award for creative achievement to Connie Francis

May 29, 2010

City of Fort Lauderdale Proudly Honors Connie Francis

“Where the Boys Are” 50th Anniversary

Fort Lauderdale Beach

The square at A1A and Las Olas Blvd. is now named after Connie Francis.

December 12, 2010

Connie was honored by the Footlighters Club as “Entertainer of the Year” and received a Lifetime Achievement Award in an all-star tribute on December 12 at the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Hollywood, Florida. Connie’s good friend Neil Sedaka was among the entertainers there who honored the First Lady of Record. Fans came from across the country and around the world for this prestigious event held on Connie’s birthday.

May 20, 2010

This Goddess Empire  Lifetime Achievement Humanitarian Award
is presented to Connie Francis for over
50 years of divine dedication, selfless service and celebrity used to raise both awareness and money for incalculable charities, families and the planet, while maintaining your status as a true living legend, global icon, and international treasure.

November 11, 2006

The Fort Lauderdale International Film Festival 2006

Presents the Career achievement Award to Connie Francis


“you put fort lauderdale on the film-making map!”

Gold Record-My Happiness-Million Seller GoldenRecord - "My Happiness" Million Seller

"Golden records hang on every wall......."
"Thanks to you, I'll get by, even if I never sing another song."

But,she will!

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