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You ask what you'll find in Connie's second Autobiography, "Among My Souvenirs - The Real Story"?
The Connie Francis story is an American story.  Born into a Blue-Collar Italian family at the end of the Great Depression, she went on to unimaginable heights of success.  Along this journey she experienced much of what life can offer.  The highest of heights and the lowest of lows, the stuff of both dreams and nightmares. This memoir takes its readers on this breathtaking journey.

Mid-century America was jubilant time filled with confidence, righteousness, and spirit.  Connie found herself not only smack in the middle of it, but one of its authors.

We travel this world, reliving it through Connie's eyes, affording us of a front row seat to some of the greatest public and private moments in American history and popular culture. Visiting
American Bandstand, The Copacabana, Las Vegas and the Ed Sullivan Show, all at their respective heights, readers will experience the glorious career, trials and tribulations, unspeakable tragedies and unparalleled achievements of this legendary artist.

Her fame was international and brought her to the farthest corners of the earth, conquering wildly enthusiastic audiences throughout.  Connie enjoyed an international celebrity from Germany to Australia, one that has been unrivaled by any recording artist to this day.  She is, in fact, the best-selling female artist in recording history, recording in 12 different languages.

She shares with unusual candor and insight the juxtaposition that existed in her personal life. While the love affair with her audience was exhilarating, gratifying and omnipresent, fulfilling love affairs in her personal life always eluded her. . . with the exception of her one true love, Bobby Darin.  A love destroyed by her father. A domineering man with whom she had a complicated, often troubling relationship.  He was both the architect of her unrivaled career and the cause of her greatest personal pain.  Her willingness to expose the most private aspects of her life with complete honesty and often painful reflection is both startling and courageous.

She experienced many tragedies. The horrifying rape she endured and the seven years of fear and isolation that followed, the murder of her brother at the hands of the Mafia, the loss of her golden voice for four torturous years, four failed marriages, and the resulting mental illness that was misdiagnosed and continued to plague her for eight long years.  Years she spent in and out of mental hospitals involuntarily committed by her controlling father, are chronicled with honesty, resentment and her rare sense of humor.
Her celebrity allowed her to rub elbows with presidents, royalty, the top echelon of the Mob, and of course, every iconic showbiz figure of the era.  The stories she shares starring this extraordinary cast of characters are, as they say. . . "funnier and often stranger and more shocking than fiction".

Few stars have had the life of Connie Francis, far fewer would have the willingness, wit, insight, intellect and disarming self-deprecation to write a book of such unflinching nature.

It is Truly a​ joy to read!

Among My Souvenirs
                      book cover
         Hardcover 2013
Among My Souvenirs - The Real Story

Release date to be announced.
Connie's second Autobiography tells a more in debt story of her life.

As of February 2015 Connie is still diligently
working on this book but has been kind enough to let us in on a little review of it.

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Hardcover - 1962
Prentice-Hall, Inc.
Inglewood Cliffs, NJ
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At twenty-three, Connie Francis is the number one female singing star of the world.
In the last six years, Connie has sold over 35 million records and has made 8 gold disks, each representing over a million records.  Her fan mail from around the world, including some from Iron Curtain countries, runs over 5,000 letters a week.
Connie says that through her singing she has helped to educate herself in the Italian, German and Spanish languages.  She sings in Japanese and French, too, and hopes soon to master these as well.  She has appeared on TV in many foreign lands and has met, in each, young people who have the same problems and hopes you have.
Connie's climb to the top began at age 11 when she made her first professional appearance on a juvenile variety show in New York City.  At 12, Connie appeared on the Arthur Godfrey Talent Scout Show.  At 17 she signed a recording contract with MGM records.  At 18 she recorded "Who's Sorry Now."
And to Connie's surprise, the record suddenly soared over the million selling mark.  Connie Francis had arrived.  She was a star.
But her amazing success story didn't just happen out of thin air.  With a lot of faith and a bit of luck, Connie succeeded by working hard to be good, to be the best.
Connie hopes all your dreams and wishes come true just as hers did.  And now she would like to share with you some of her innermost thoughts about love, life and faith that are only For Every Young Heart.

Signed Copy
Paperback - May 1964
Monarch Books by
Special Arrangement
Prentice-Hall, Inc.
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At the age of eleven, Connie Francis made her first professional appearance.  At seventeen she signed a recording contract with MGM records.  At twenty-four, she is America's Number one female singing star.

In FOR EVERY YOUNG HEART Connie shares her experiences as a teenager -  a time in life which she faced only a few short years ago.  She talks about dating, clothes, beauty and diet...and lets her hair down about such subjects as marriage, parents and teenage relationships.

Here  are some straightforward answers to the questions that plague every teenager, given by one of the most popular young stars of the entertainment world.

Some Short Reviews

"A cheerful book, full of enthusiasm, warmth and good sense that characterizes the singer's personality." - Newark News

"An out and out fan book in which the widely popular singer-actress talks informally to her followers, tells about her career, discusses beauty secrets, 'teen-tests', boy friends, dating, harmony at home and many other topics in which young girls are interested and which they want to know about their screen and disc favorites." - Hollywood Reporter

Signed Copy
Hardcover - 1984
St. Martin's Press New York
ISBN (International Standard Book Number) 0-312-87088-4
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At last, Connie Francis tells her own story in her own unmistakable words, with the wit, warmth, and sentiment she is famous for.  It's a story filled with the love and laughter of her Italian heritage, as Connie describes the family upbringing that supported her passion for music and performing from the time she was a little child.  It's a story of hope and hard work, TV kid shows and performances in dingy roadhouses, accompanied by her vigilant mother.  Connie tells also of her friendships with rising stars like Frankie Avalon, Neil Sedaka, and Brenda Lee, and the tender tragic love she shared with the great Bobby Darin, a love her father worked unremittingly to undermine.  And then suddenly, unexpectedly, her story became one of stardom, and unparalleled success in records, television, movies, and Las Vegas that made her the most popular female singing star in entertainment history.  But there was also horror and heartbreak, and Connie unflinchingly recalls the brutal rape that almost ended her career, and the slaying of her beloved brother.  Yet through it all, readers will sense the indomitable will and vitality of a woman who now shares her life, as she has shared her music, with the millions of fans who have loved her for a quarter century.

Paperback - 1984
St. Martin's Press New York
ISBN (International Standard Book Number)

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Linear Notes

She was America's rock and roll princess until the night the music stopped.

Millions of fans rocked to the beat of her glorious voice.  She soared to stardom; she topped the charts along with Elvis and  The Beatles - Connie Francis, the bestselling female vocalist of all time.  Then, at the peak of her career, her incredible world collapsed.  America's sweetheart became "America's most famous crime victim."

Was that the end of the story?

Now, in her own words, Connie reveals why the singer stopped singing.  Here is her life story, filled with tears - her star-crossed love for Bobby Darin.  Bursting with laughter - her tender, nutty friendships with Neil Sedaka and her idol, Dick Clark.  Here are the triumphs of Las Vegas, television, and MGM movies.  And the tragedies - three failed Marriages, the mob rub-out of her brother, her nervous breakdown.  And after the terrible fall - her spectacular, heartwarming comeback.

"A rags-to-riches-to-tragedy story.  It shows the ups and downs of a modern-day Cinderella.  It's certainly a book worth reading."

-Lakewood Sun Post

PERSONAL NOTE:  I had the pleasure of meeting Connie at the San Generro Italian Festival in New York during the time she was working on her book "Who's Sorry Now".  I had brought along one volume of three of my scrapbooks hoping to get an autograph.  Although I was not allowed into her dressing room, a police officer was kind enough to bring the scrapbook into Connie.  The next thing I knew, the police officer was calling my name and I was escorted into see Connie.  She was impressed with my scrapbook and when I told her I had two more volumes, she asked if I would part with them so she could use them for research for her book.  Although I didn't want to part with them, I just couldn't refuse Connie Francis.
This was a special time in my life and I feel proud and privileged to know that I had some minuscule part in helping Connie with this book.

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