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Created July 2002
Unfortunately the Connie Francis Yahoo Group is no longer, and I have no contact info for Jan who provided content for this page.  So for now there will be no more updates for this page.



Let me tell you how this page came about and why.

A fellow Connie fan and Connie Francis Yahoo Group member named Jan began posting "memories" of certain events such as anniversaries of Connie's song releases, newspaper reviews of Connie's concerts and recordings etc. back in February of 2002.

Jan hails from The Netherlands (Holland), was born in 1947, and has been a Connie Francis fan since since he was 12 years old.  He has been a member of numerous fan clubs and even ran one in the early part of the 60's.

One Saturday while he was browsing through his huge treasure chest of Connie memorabilia, it brought back a lot of sweet memories.  These memories he has been so kind as to share with us belonging to the Connie Francis Yahoo Group.

Everyone in the "group" loves these posts, including myself.  They are informative and great fun to read.

So I thought putting them all in one place for everyone to read and refer back to at any time would be a great idea!  I sent Jan my proposal asking permission to use his posts.  He graciously granted his permission adding:

"I think all these reviews, stories and so on about Connie are wonderful sources for fans, especially for the younger ones.
So putting these memories on your site is a contribution to the CF Hall of Fame in my opinion.
Thank you for the proposal, it is a good idea !
Good luck and until the following volumes of the memories....."

Thanks to Jan and his treasure chest of memories, these pages are born!

"Thank you", Jan!


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