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September 1991

 Welcome to another section of The Incomparable Connie Francis Website!
This time we take a look at an interview that appeared in the September, 1991 edition of DISCoveries Magazine.  This is a very lengthy interview.  So, welcome to...

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There are only two female singing stars whose names are found among the Top 20 in all three chart achievement categories: Most Charted Singles; Most Top 40 Songs; and Most Top 10 Hits.  One is Aretha Franklin - the other is Connie Francis.
-For the record, the records speak for themselves: 56 charted singles; 35 Top 40 hits; and 16 Top 10 hits.
-From 1958 until the British invasion, Connie Francis and Brenda Lee were clearly the queens of rock and roll, not just in America but worldwide.  However, looking just at the top artists, overall, of the rock era, as compiled by Joel Whitburn from Billboard, Connie is ranked No. 18, and ranks behind only one other lady singer, Aretha Franklin (No. 8).
-To fully comprehend the incredible recording success of Connie Francis, though, it's important to keep in mind, no matter how immense she was in the States, she was never as popular here as she was internationally.
-Yes, for the record & the records, Connie Francis is clearly a Promethean performer - and interviewing this courageous lady was a rare treat.

DISCoveries: "Since most if no all DISCoveries readers are collectors I'd like to do something a little different with this visit than we did a few years ago when we focused more on your life story. I would like to simply run through most of your single hits and let you share any comments or memories you have about them. Okay?"

"Absolutely, although my 45 rpm hits were not my best efforts. My best songs appeared on albums, many of which the public never heard because MGM was a singles-oriented label. They didn't really want my albums to interfere with the air play of my singles.  It was the singles at the time that earned them the most money.  Therefore, some of the best tunes I recorded - ones I'm really proud of - much of the record buying public has never heard. Some of the hit songs I feel are kind of corny, but the public loved them and that's wonderful.  I guess for the time it was great, but when I hear them now it makes me wish folks remembered something else that I recorded. That's one point I want to make. And then another is that, before we're through, I'd like to talk about some of the songs that I turned down.  There are some very funny stories there."

Disc: "On the subject of albums, I believe you had many more LPs out - perhaps two dozen from 1958 through 1966 - than most of the other stars of that same period. Some singers, in fact,  who had big hits didn't even manage to get on LP released."

"I did, that's very true. I once recorded five albums at one time in London."

"Why were there so many Connie Francis Albums?"
Well, that's about it for now. Seeing as this is such a long interview, I may update at any time. So make sure you register below to be notified when I do!
I've loved Connie for about 51 years now. I try to get my hands on as much of her music as possible. If you'd like to see what I've amassed over the years and, by the way I am still collecting, check out the pages in the Directory. If nothing else, they are informative and entertaining!


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